Knowledgeable and unbiased advice is a critical component of our investment management services. Now, more than ever, you need a team of professionals on your side that you can trust with your life savings, professionals who will invest wisely on your behalf based on decades of experience and education.

It is the ultimate goal of everyone here on the Kaye Capital Management team to provide you with the confidence that your investments are in responsible, experienced hands, no matter how many curves lie in the road ahead. All rational investors want their portfolios to achieve the highest potential return with a minimal amount of risk. The amount of tolerable risk, or portfolio value fluctuation, differs based upon the individual. Some investors can tolerate big swings in their portfolio in order to attain the highest possible return. Other investors are not comfortable seeing their portfolio value decline, and are willing to accept a lower potential return in order to achieve greater safety of principal.

We will help you to understand and establish your own tolerance for risk after a detailed discussion with you about your investment knowledge, time horizon, comfort level with portfolio volatility and overall objectives. We also take into consideration your current and future spending needs, as well as your tax situation. Once we have determined and agreed upon the stated level of risk, we will utilize Modern Portfolio Theory to create an investment portfolio designed to achieve the highest potential return for your level of risk. Your portfolio will consist of differing proportions of domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, real estate securities and alternative investments selected by the KCM team based on our diligent market and investment research. We handle the trading and rebalancing of the assets in your portfolio and continually monitor the performance. At times of heightened market volatility, we will use our discretion to reduce the overall level of risk in your portfolio.

Finally, at KCM we are committed to clear and frequent communications with you. At the start of each quarter, we will send you portfolio performance measurement reports and encourage you to schedule review meetings to help you can track the progress towards your goals. Reviewing the performance reports with our investment professionals leads to greater confidence and a better understanding of our investment process. We believe that only then, when you fully understand how your money is working for you, can you achieve peace of mind. And that is our goal.